Reduce Aggregate

Aggregate requirements for pavements are reduced by the use of geocells made from Neoloy®. They require less quantity of aggregate for infill than conventional solutions while utilizing lower quality marginal soils and recycled materials. This reduces the use of virgin aggregate systems sources, as well as hauling and earthmoving equipment for on-site placement. This turn reduces manpower, project costs, and the site environmental impact.

The amount of aggregate used in the structural layers due to reinforcement with PRS-Neoloy geocells can be reduced by as much as 50%, with the same performance as an unreinforced road. Depending on in which layer is reinforced, pavement thickness can be reduced in the subbase, base, and even asphalt layers, particularly in the asphalt base layer. This can lead to significant project cost savings.

In addition, the modulus improvement factor (MIF) of PRS-Neoloy geocells strengthens the modulus of infill aggregate solutions. This enables the replacement of quality base layer aggregate construction with locally/regionally available subbase quality infill, or other marginal granular soils and recycled materials. This can lead to additional project cost savings.

Aggregate Construction


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