Embankments for road and railways as well as water storage facilities, such as earth dams and canals and waste ponds are frequently constructed over soft soils and require soil stabilization solutions. High modulus geocells in the embankment improve their performance even under repeated loading, preventing deformation and loss of strength over time.

In particular, the PRS-Neoloy cellular confinement system significantly increases the stiffness and strength of roadway, road embankments, and railways embankments. The 3D reinforcement of PRS-Neoloy geocells improves stress distribution. This results in reduced vertical and lateral deformation and improved lifespan and durability.

Studies have shown that reinforcement with the PRS-Neoloy geocell (in combination with a geogrid) increases the bearing capacity of a roadway embankment foundation bed by 4-5x. PRS-Neoloy also reduces footing settlement and surface heaving.

Roadway Embankments

Embankments Road Railway Embankments

Waste Pond, Red Mud Soils, Orissa, India PRS-Neoloy Installation at Foundation Bed Infill and Compaction of Reinforced Foundation

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