soil stabilization

PRS-Neoloy™ cellular confinement is a sustainable construction solution for any type of roads. The Neoloy® inside of PRS-Neoloy provides long-term stiffness and dimensional stability required for structural pavements.

The high soil reinforcement factor of PRS-Neoloy enables the replacement of high quality (expensive) aggregate infill in the base layer with locally available, inexpensive soils or recycled materials. PRS-Neoloy also enables a reduction in the thickness of the asphalt and structural layers and/or a significant increase in the road design life.

The end result is that PRS-Neoloy significantly reduces road repair, rehabilitation, and maintenance, as well as the use of raw materials, making road construction more sustainable and more economic.

In addition, PRS-Neoloy can be used to reinforce road embankments or for working platforms for construction cranes or drilling rigs for example.

soil stabilization

In comparison to other geosynthetic ground stabilization methods, PRS-Neoloy reinforcement outperforms any other geocell, geogrid or geotextile solution, soil confinement, soil reinforcement, soil stabilization. Conventional non-geosynthetic solutions such as subgrade replacement or thicker structural layers are more expensive and have a high environmental impact. Likewise, chemical soil stabilizers entail higher costs and environmental impacts and do not provide reliable and uniform long-term soil stabilization.


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