Saturated Soils

Click to see installation of Neoloy-based geocell road over swamp

Saturated soils of organic peat content or high water tables are an engineering challenge. Many of these soils are found in temperate climates, where year-round rainfall and freeze-thaw cycles make the situation even worse. Feasible conventional solutions – that are also durable – are very expensive.

PRS-Neoloy™, the Neoloy® based cellular confinement system (geocell) changes the whole picture with multiple layers. In this way, the reinforcement factor of each layer is multiplied by the improved modulus of the layer below. One geocell layer on the subgrade layer stabilizes it and improves the bearing capacity, while an additional layer in the base level creates a beam effect. This acts as a semi-rigid mattress, so that the PRS-Neoloy reinforced base layer distributes loads widely, reduces vertical stress and lowers differential settlement. In very swampy conditions with standing water, sand infill and geotextiles can be laid on top of the subgrade layer to create a stable working platform for the geocell reinforced layers above.


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