Sandy Soils

Create Strong Roads from Sand

PRS-Neoloy is an innovative road reinforcement technology that can utilize sand for the construction of strong, durable and reliable roads.

A major advantage of the 3D cellular confinement system from PRS is its ability to utilize fine-grained granular materials that 2D reinforcement methods can’t. For example, non-cohesive material, such as sand, attains sufficient strength and stiffness when confined by PRS-Neoloy geocells for structural infill (much in the way a pail of sand at the beach acts). The 3D large vertical zone of influence enables the use of poorly graded, locally-available sandy soils to be utilized in the construction of flexible pavements of all types, even for heavy load support applications.

PRS-Neoloy geocells made from Neoloy novel polymeric alloys provides very high stiffness that enables reliable confinement even when using beach and dune sand for infill. These solutions have been used on beach sand, oil sand, and sandy soils for the transport of heavy equipment and heavy haul trucks, in container yards for ports, and for structural infill of the base layer of pavements worldwide.

sandy soils
Sand Road on Beach for Construction of Desalination Plant Pipes, Israel

The fact that cellular confinement systems (CCS) can improve the bearing capacity of weak materials was proven by the US Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) and is well documented in academic research and accepted in the geosynthetic industry.  The USACE demonstrated that cellular confinement can improve the bearing capacity (modulus) of sand to support the weight of heavy equipment in transport from the sea over sandy beaches in military operations.  Lacking a geocell sand cannot be utilized in a pavement structure.

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sandy soils sandy soils sandy soils sandy soils

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