Solutions for Soft Soils

Geocells were designed for problematic soils – soft, weak, saturated soils with a high clay, sand or peat (organic) content. The 3D geocell confinement reinforces the granular material to make it usable for road construction. The higher quality the geocell is – the better the reinforcement and engineering quality.

Clay Soils Sandy Soils Saturated Soils

PRS-Neoloy made from Neoloy provides reinforcement for all types of soils. It confines expansive clay soils by restricting the volumetric changes in water content that cause heaving. It bestows granular sand with engineering strength as the cellular confinement increases the shear strength and elastic modulus and prevents movement of the soil particles. In saturated soils, the geocell is a self-draining I-beam or flexible mattress over the problematic soil.

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