Haul Roads

PRS-Neoloy™ geocells are an all-weather solution for sustainable haul roads and logging roads. Typically subject to the heaviest loads in the worst conditions in the most remote locations,  stable roads are a key to production. PRS-Neoloy made from Neoloy® is the one geocell designed to handle the extreme weights of haul trucks used by oil sands or traditional mining road, as well as the saturated organic or peat soils associated with temperate forests and logging operations.

PRS-Neoloy cellular confinement system was designed for these challenges.

By improving the load distribution and reducing vertical stresses, PRS-Neoloy increases the subgrade bearing capacity and reinforces the road base. Stronger reinforcement leads to reliable performance and lower maintenance, which further increases operational profitability. Stable roads also lower wear and tear on vehicles and tires. Road dust is reduced in mining road solutions, the use of chemical agents is eliminated or reduced and vehicle traction and fuel economy are improved. Not to mention the positive effects on driver comfort and safety. Haul roads construction and logging roads and log yards, rutting is considerably reduced, making log transport, storage and processing operations much more efficient and much more profitable.

PRS-Neoloy soil stabilization solutions can also be used for slopes and retaining walls, geomembrane protection of mine waste ponds, and for site restoration.

CANFOR Logyard, Fort St. John, Canada – Haul Road Design

haul roads haul roads haul roads
BEFORE – Situation in log yard showing severe rutting, difficult conditions and inefficient operations. INSTALLTION – of Neoloy based PRS-Neoloy soil stabilization and reinforcement solution AFTER – Logyard showing well-trafficked area with low rutting and degradation – more profitable operations




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