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PRS-Neoloy™ geocells are a new standard in road base reinforcement and ground improvement. Created from Neoloy®, a novel polymeric alloy, PRS-Neoloy is the geocell designed for heavy-duty road pavements such as access roads, ports, highways, railways roads, & working platforms.

Improve Bearing Capacity

Improve Durability

Use Local Soil for Infill

Reinforcement with PRS-Neoloy improves
load transfer and bearing capacity in soft
soils by 50% or more.
High-dimensional stability Improves road
lifespan by up to 10x, in temperature
extremes from -60°C to +60°C.
Use locally won, poorly graded, non-cohesive granular soils for structural infill, instead of high-quality, imported aggregate.

Reduce Layer Thickness

Reduce Settlement

Lower Project Costs

PRS-Neoloy reinforcement improves the layer modulus so that the pavement layer thickness can be reduced by 50% or more. The ‘beam effect’ of PRS-Neoloy acts as a flexible mattress to significantly reduce
differential settlement.
Lower aggregate, placement and construction costs while reducing repairs and maintenance that lowers lifecycle costs.



  • Stiff and Strong – very high tensile strength, up to 24 kN/m prevents fatigue
  • Confinement – increases pavement layer strength (modulus) regardless of bearing capacity (CBR)
  • Reinforcement – reduces layer thickness and wearing course by up to 50%
  • Beam effect – improves load transfer and bearing capacity by up to 50%
  • Improves elastic modulus – by factor of 2-5 for heavier traffic and longer pavement lifespan

Novel Polymer Alloy

  • Patented technology – very high stiffness, dimensional stability, creep resistance
  • Durable – long-term performance under heavy loading, stress and extreme conditions
  • Advanced engineering – suitable for perpetual pavement
  • High performance – outperforms any other HDPE geocell


  • Simple logistics – easy delivery, handling, fast all-weather installation
  • Lower construction costs – less subgrade replacement, layer  infill, and placement
  • Reduce maintenance – repairs, maintenance cycles and downtime
  • Extended lifespan – lowers life-cycle costs


  • Lower grade infill – Use locally available, ungraded or recycled materials for infill
  • Reduce pollution – quarrying, hauling, fuel, pollution, carbon footprint
  • Green – sustainable road construction method


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