Paved Roads

Paved Roads SolutionNeoloy based PRS-Neoloy placed in the base layer of asphalt pavements, enables the replacement of quality aggregate in the base layer with local, poor strength and less expensive granular infill. This is due to the increased modulus and bearing material of granular infill by the PRS-Neoloy cellular confinement.  Pavement thickness of the structural layers may be reduced and/or the life-span of structural pavements increased.

The result is significantly reduced unpaved road repair, rehabilitation, and maintenance, as well as reduced use of raw materials, making paved road construction more sustainable and more economic. Initial capital, as well as operational costs, are reduced. These parameters make PRS-Neoloy a suitable and sustainable solution for structural reinforcement of motorways, railways and multi-modal ports.

PRS-Neoloy is suitable for the following types of road pavements:

  • Asphalt flexible pavements
  • Bituminous bound roadways
  • RAP paved roads design
  • Road rehabilitation
  • Roadway widening and shoulder improvement
  • Road embankments
  • Trench and road drainage
  • Porous pavements
  • Concrete interlocking paving block paved road, pavements

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