Military Roads

PRS-Neoloy is the best solution for the construct of military roads. It reduces the cost and burden of military road design building significantly by using locally available soil, or even sand and to reinforce the road base and reduce the road layer thickness. These sustainable and secure routes not only help safeguard troops but also form the base for civilian reconstruction.

PRS Helps Meet Military Objectives:

Millitary Road Solution
Heavy military vehicles traversing a PRS-Neoloy reinforced sand road

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has successfully used the PRS-Neoloy geocell solutions for ground improvement, specifically for the construction of the Route TRIDENT, Afghanistan. PRS achieved MOD objectives of creating a cost-efficient and reliable road that inhibits the use of IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices).  PRS-Neoloy-reinforced unpaved patrol roads reduce the danger to British troops and allow forces to move swiftly and efficiently in theatre. The success of PRS-Neoloy for British efforts in Afghanistan are attested to by Major Adam Foley (principal design engineer for project), Officer Commanding, 64 HQ & Support Squadron in Blazing a Trail in Helmand Province, Ahead of Schedule, under Budget and under Fire, New Civil Engineer (NCE) journal, 7 July 2010.

Ground Improvement for Ground Forces

UK Royal Engineers constructing PRS-Neoloy reinforced Trident patrol road, Afghanistan (All rights, UK MOD)

PRS-Neoloy strong and durable road reinforcement was proven in theatre with the Royal Engineers in Route TRIDENT, Afghanistan, and helped restore stability in the region. Safe routes enabled troops to establish control and security in the area and at the same time impede the use of IEDs to save lives. In the words of Lt. Colonel MTG Bazeley, Commanding Officer, 28 Engineering Regiment, Royal Engineers: “PRS’s solution was the key technology used as the building block to making this project a reality. The Neoloy-based PRS-Neoloy … was chosen by the Royal Engineers after conducting trials with various infill materials and road make-ups….The performance of Route Trident with PRS-Neoloy reinforcement exceeded all expectations” (Route Trident).

PRS-Neoloy was closing the cycle and fulfilling the original goal for geocells created by the US Corps of Engineers – to stabilize an unstable world. PRS-Neoloy made from durable Neoloy material helped make roads for the armed forces that let them do their job in a way even better than the inventors imagined.


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