Green Roads

Green roads are those constructed using sustainability principles and/or road surfaces that are either green or more environmentally or drainage friendly. PRS-Neoloy™ geocells made from Neoloy® provide both.

Green Road turf surfaces prevent heat islands by serving as a replacement for hard outdoor surfaces, such as parking lots and vehicle access ways, or for building roofs with green-faced surfaces. PRS-Neoloy reinforced green surfaces reduce heat absorption, increase energy efficiency and provide a more friendly, natural and aesthetic landscape.

PRS-Neoloy solutions are an example of international green practices for sustainable design and construction, such as Low Impact Development (LID) and stormwater management techniques (SuDS – Sustainable Drainage Systems). These practices aim to replace hard paved surfaces with soft turf surfaces, in road and runway shoulders, parking lots and emergency vehicle access ways, or at least with more permeable surfaces to improve drainage, such as interlocking paving blocks. These surfaces are reinforced by tough PRS-Neoloy geocells in the base layer, which enables heavy loads and heavy traffic. Reinforcement of road and runway shoulders or emergency access areas is ideal as it is green year round but fully reinforced for heavy loads in an emergency.

green roads green roads green roads
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  • Support heavy loads and traffic
  • Makes soft green surface cover possible
  • Increase lifespan of all types of permeable pavement


  • Reduce construction costs
  • Increase road lifespan
  • Considerably reduce maintenance costs


  • Green Road solution
  • Positive landscape aesthetic
  • Improved drainage system


  • Typical green applications with turf surface, gravel or paving block surface cover include park paths, residential developments, parking lots, emergency access areas, rural roads, and shoulders for roads and runways.



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