Although a completely new generation of geocell technology, the Neoloy-based PRS-Neoloy is a mature solution. Based on the existing and successful 3D geocell geometry, invested considerable efforts to understand all the engineering forces involved in the confinement and reinforcement principles. Hand in hand with the research PRS created an entirely novel polymeric alloy, called Neoloy® with superior material qualities that enhance the engineering value of the geocell.

PRS leadership in the field is evidenced by R&D, field testing, patented technologies and the innovative Neoloy polymeric alloy. The research was undertaken in cooperation with leading civil and geotechnical engineers in the field of geosynthetics. The result is over 45 professional papers that have been published over the last several years alone. The researchers include; Professors K. Rajagopal (IIT – Madras, India), Jie Han (U. of Kansas, USA) and Hoe Peter Ling (Columbia University, NY, USA).

This research has helped us to understand geocell (cellular confinement system) technology and the reinforcement mechanisms. Research included:

  • Geocell Research at Kansas University/Kansas DOT Accelerated Testing Facility

    DOTs (USA): Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Federal

  • FRA (Federal Railroad Administration), USA
  • IRC – Indian Roads Congress
  • GOST – Russian Standards Institute
  • KOAC-NPC Standards Institute, Netherlands
  • National Roads Authority, Israel
  • Additional testing and approvals from Canada (Alberta), Mexico, Turkey, Czech Republic, Colombia, Philippines, South Africa, Poland

These research efforts included field demos, lab tests and moving wheel tests with highway and transportation authorities (e.g., the US Strategic Highway Research Program 2 (SHRP 2) for long-term geosynthetic solutions.

A main conclusion of the research is that not all geocells are created equally. The stiffer the geocell material was, the greater the improvement in performance: bearing capacity, vertical stress reduction / wider lateral stress distribution and lower degradation of the surface wearing course. Test after test, the PRS-Neoloy geocell based on Neoloy has outperformed geocells based on HDPE.

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