PRS-Neoloy™ with Neoloy® Extends Design Life:

The PRS-Neoloy geocell provides better structural geosynthetic reinforcement for any flexible pavement than any other geosynthetic solution design.

The high strength of PRS-Neoloy is suitable for heavy-duty loads over very soft-soils. It is widely used in many applications, such as access and haul roads, motorways, container yards, railways, and green solutions such as parking lots, road shoulders and bike paths.


PRS-Neoloy is available in different models to optimize performance, costs, and maintenance.

High-Stiffness Geocell Technology

When PRS-Neoloy is deployed and compacted with soil/aggregate it creates a composite structure, due to the forces operating on the cell walls, geometry, and the soil. PRS-Neoloy is manufactured from Neoloy®, a novel polymeric alloy (NPA) developed by PRS, based on nano-fibers in a polyolefin matrix. Neoloy is a synthesis of HDPE ductility with the stiffness and creeps resistance of polyester.

The properties of a Neoloy based geocell exceed that of commonly-used HDPE based geocells, in terms of tensile strength, UV resistance, creep resistance to creep, performance under high temperatures, and dimensional stability. PRS-Neoloy with Neoloy enables reliable geometry of the geocell design, which ensures compaction and reinforcement for the lifespan of the project.

Reinforce Base with Granular Soils

PRS-Neoloy Tough Cells® enables a new level of geocell performance. The strength and stiffness of non-cohesive granular material – even sand – are vastly improved by 3D cellular confinement. The high dimensional stability translates into long-term confinement and therefore compaction. This allows a variety of granular materials to be used for heavy traffic and loading applications. The key benefit is that high cost / high-quality base aggregate can be replaced by lower cost subgrade quality infill materials.

In addition to the reduction in infill quality requirements, the Modulus Improvement Factor (MIF) of PRS-Neoloy geocells enables a reduction in the thickness each layer of the pavement structure above the geocell reinforcement, resulting in higher performance and lower project costs.


  • The “beam effect” provides an “I” beam to “float” over soft soil
  • Use low-cost granular soil for base infill
  • Evenly distribute loads and increase bearing capacity
  • Reduce structural layers’ thickness u to 50% or more.
  • Outperforms any HDPE geocell, any geogrid solution
  • Very high creep resistance, Very long-term allowed stress for design under high temperatures (60°C)
  • Decrease surface degradation, rutting, and fatigue
  • Lower construction costs and increased pavement lifespan

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