PRS-Neoloy Geocell Overview

PRS-Neoloy geocell was developed for creating solutions to challenging soil stabilization problems and reinforcement technology for civil engineering and transportation infrastructure. PRS-Neoloy geocells technology are a composite 3D honeycomb structure created by the interaction of infill soil, cell walls and cell geometry providing long term soil reinforcement and increased structural strength.

PRS-Neoloy geocells are expanded on-site to form a honeycomb-like matrix, which is infilled with granular infill, topsoil or recycled materials. Soil confinement retains and protects infill materials in three dimensions, providing high tensile strength on each axis. Exceptionally strong reinforcement is achieved by the cellular structure and unique polymeric alloy.

The PRS-Neoloy geocell stabilizes subgrade soil, reinforces base infill and reduces degradation of the surface layer. The high-modulus PRS-Neoloy geocell reduces layer thickness of the road, while using marginal/recycled types of infill. Sustainable roads can be built with less virgin resources and a smaller environmental footprint, while extending the pavement service life and decreasing maintenance to make transport more reliable and economical.



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